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How to use one hitter pipes

October 28, 2011

One hitters are smoking pipes that have a bowl that is designed for the users to inhale at least once when using their preferred smoking substance. These pipes have been in use since the olden days when they were made from clay as well as wood, and in the most recent times they are being made from glass. The one hitter pipes are becoming very popular among many smokers because of a variety of reasons, but other people are not for it because of the negative effects that they have experienced while using them, such as ash coming through the tube, horrible taste and the pipe getting too hot to hold.

Unfortunately most of the people who are experiencing these negative effects simply do not know how to use one hitters properly. This is common and should not make anyone give up on using these smoking accessories after just a few tries. Fortunately, this can be corrected through the proper use of these devices by following a few tips.

It is important not to break down your preferred smoking substance into pieces that are too small so that when it is burning it does not allow ash to pass through into your mouth. The smoking substance should be placed into the one hitter as one piece.

Heat up the one hitter for a few seconds with your lighter rather than lighting it up from one end so that the pipe does not get too hot and the harshness of the hit is also reduced. Furthermore, the one hitter should be heated while it’s slightly facing towards the ground so that it does not heat up too fast as well.

Next, when the one hitter has been successfully lit, you should inhale slowly and at a constant rate until you feel you have reached your limit and then exhale slowly. Avoid breathing in aggressively as this will help you not to take in harsher hits and thus enjoy the experience.

Other things to pay attention to when using one hitters is making sure that you use a clean one so that there are no complications when using it at a later date. Cleaning is one of the reasons that will keep your one hitter for long without any problems for years to come.

Overall, the benefits of one hitters are summarized in that it is discreet and reduces the smell of smoke during use.

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